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WEX Health Cloud was designed to serve the needs of the complex Consumer Directed Healthcare (CDH) market. It not only supports thousands of the most sophisticated plan designs for the entire suite of CDH accounts within one complete platform, but it also streamlines the funding, purchasing and payment processes required for informed healthcare financial decision making.

As healthcare needs grow more complex, WEX Health Cloud delivers everything for you to keep things simple. You can simplify your experience with one, single relationship from a solution that brings Benefit Administration Technology, Consumer Engagement, and Advanced Billing & Payments together.

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Benefit Administration Technology

Modern technology and a completely integrated benefits administration platform means employers and consumers are empowered with the tools they need to elect, fund, and pay for benefits.

With WEX Health Cloud, you can grow your business profitably and add value to your client relationships with these powerful features: 

  • Support a full suite of CDH accounts including Health FSA, HRA, HSA, VEBA, dependent care, defined contribution, wellness, tuition, and transit accounts, fully integrated in one platform 
  • Fully automated COBRA administration with integrated mail and payment processing 
  • Provide full claims administration capabilities 
  • Enable custodial services for HSAs including full integration with the selected investment platform 
  • Facilitate defined contribution accounts and processes through an intuitive online experience which includes tools to manage accounts throughout the year
  • Provides quick, easy access to data and deliver insights to your clients with powerful reporting tools 
  • Get clients up and running quickly and at low cost with rapid implementation and data migration services 
  • World-class security specifications and monitoring on high-availability servers provide sub-second response times and trusted, secure custody of data, allowing you to focus on effective plan administration rather than IT (HIPAA, SSAE 16 and PCI compliant) 
  • Ensure strict compliance with ever-changing IRS regulations with our regular updates 
  • Private-label WEX Health Cloud to reinforce your brand, build your client base and keep control of the client relationship 
  • Leverage “plug-and-play” integration to unite disparate systems, consolidate accounts and easily connect them with consumer data exchanges, claims exchanges, web services and data extract capabilities 

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Consumer Engagement

Consumers are taking an increasingly active role in their healthcare decision making. With WEX Health Cloud, you can give them the same kind of personalized experiences they’ve come to expect from other innovative consumer technologiesthe kind that makes it hard to switch and keeps them coming back.

With WEX Health Cloud consumers will enjoy a variety of time-saving features from their computer or smartphone such as the ability to: 

  • View, budget and plan, analyze, and manage all of their healthcare-related accounts and expenses 24x7 
  • Quickly check available balances and account details 
  • View interactive charts summarizing account information 
  • Set account alerts and get notifications via text message 
  • Promptly file claims for reimbursement accounts using receipt images 
  • Request a distribution from an HSA and contribute funds to an HSA 
  • Use a multi-account stackable prepaid debit card for approved healthcare expenses (which can be co-branded or private-labeled by Partners)

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Advanced Billing & Payments

WEX Health provides enterprise class, fully integrated premium billing and payment solutions for benefits administrators, state-based marketplaces, state health programs (Medicaid, SCHIP, etc.), and private exchanges. WEX Health Cloud provides compliant and reliable financial management support for full scope projects or seamlessly integrates with existing enrollment platforms. 

With WEX Health Cloud you can: 

  • Ease the administrative burden through ONE central system of record that tightly integrates enrollment, invoicing, payment processing and remittance 
  • Stay competitive and offer unlimited choice with easy-to-read invoicing that streamlines and consolidates premiums for multiple plans and products (Group or Individual Members) 
  • Provide flexible payment options for credit, debit, or recurring ACH PLUS paper-based payment processing 
  • Apply payment rules to accommodate COBRA compliance, retiree and part-time employee programs, APTC, subsidy payments, special enrollment periods, grace periods, and more 
  • Transparently communicate with all users (administrators, brokers, employers, and members) with always-on web portals 
  • Easily accommodate unplanned Member change of circumstances (during and beyond Open Enrollment) 
  • Reduce overhead and accelerate cash flow with mail and payment processing that minimizes payment exception errors 
  • Leverage a fully integrated Custodial Cash solution with a proprietary lockbox for clean and precise remittance to plan and product vendors

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As the cost of corporate healthcare rises, so does the demand for consumer-driven healthcare accounts. By partnering with WEX Health, you can quickly and cost-effectively expand your product offering in the consumer-driven healthcare accounts space. Whether you’re a broker wanting to recommend the best solution to your clients, a financial institution expanding your product offerings, a health plan provider seeking greater efficiency gains, a software developer providing payment solutions or a benefits administrator driving greater profitability, we can help address your needs.

With our Partners, we serve more than 17 million consumers and more than 200,000 employer groups, making us the nation’s largest electronic payment, on-premise, and cloud computing healthcare solution provider. When you work with us, you’re working with the clear market leader in consumer-directed healthcare technology and services. That’s confidence in numbers.

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